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Phi Lambda Chi Today

Through the years Phi Lambda Chi, much like many other national fraternities that started in the early 1900s, faced many challenges.  The Great Depression began shortly after the inception of the fraternity, and World War II followed closely behind.  The fraternity struggled as many men were unable to attend or remain in college during that time, mainly due to financial reasons or going into the service.  However, during that time many men of Phi Lambda Chi showed their patriotism to their country, ambition to achieve their academic goals, zeal to create a better life for themselves and their families, and the character to be true to themselves, their families and their brotherhood.  Phi Lambda Chi was one of a few young fraternities that survived this trying time for the United States.

We have moved forward with that perseverance and determination to maintain a very pure and loyal brotherhood among our members.  We are the only fraternity in the North American Interfraternity Conference that was founded in the state of Arkansas, and for years our expansion efforts were largely focused on small universities located in South Central to Mid Western states.  This often provided a family away from home for several first-generation students.  As our organization has grown we have become a fraternity that serves many diverse populations, at a variety of institutions.  Our brotherhood promotes a diverse group of men to excel in their goals, and become the greatest version of themselves.  In the past twenty years, our national organization has grown to a great structure to provide leadership, organizational, and personal growth.  Like our organization, we hope to encourage our brothers, both new and old to to look "Ever Onward" and excel as men of character.

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