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Quick Facts

  • Founded on March 15th, 1925 at Arkansas State Teachers College in Conway, AR

  • Open Motto - "Ever Onward"

  • Number of Active Undergraduate Chapters - 10

  • Colors - Blue and Gold

  • Flower - White Carnation

  • Publication - The AZTEC

  • National Philanthropy - Arkansas Children's Hospital

  • The Coat of Arms of Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity is an armorial bearing as described - Two vicious lions poised on either side against a shield, which has at its upper extremity a Grecian helmet and, at its lower extremity, a scroll bearing the Greek name of the Fraternity. Diagonally across the shield is a solid bar separating the eye in the upper right-hand comer from the crossed sabers in the lower left-hand comer.

  • New Member Pin - The New Member Pin is given to a member when they enter the Order of the Scroll, which is the New Member Education Process.  This pin is described as a disc of gold centered in blue, which symbolizes the high quality of men that we seek and the pure values that define our organization.

  • Badge - The Order of the Shield is fully initiated members that learned the values and history of Phi Lambda Chi to prepare him through the Order of the Scroll.  The Order of the Scroll is those that do not hold an elected position but is instead the general membership.  Members of the Order of the Helm, or the executive board members of each chapter,  wear the same badge as members of the Order of The Shield.

  • Alumni Badge - The Order of the Lion refers to those that graduated from their institution of higher learning and is in good standing with their undergraduate chapter.  Much like the alumni help support the brothers of an undergraduate chapter, our coat of arms shows the lions supporting the shield and helm.

  • Original Name and logo - AZTEC

12 Founding Fathers

Dr. Thomas Lester Adair

William E. Huddleston

Robert B. Clark

J. Louis Moles

Grant H. Collar

Dr. Doyle L. Patton

Wendell H. Collums

B. Howard Perrin

Marvin Crittenden

Jeff D. Shemwell

Evan M. Douglas

Dr. Robert L. Taylor

First  Advisor (First National Executive Secretary)

Dr. Dean Depew McBrien

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