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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Phi Lambda Chi?

    • Phi Lambda Chi is a North-American Inter-fraternal Council (NIC) member fraternity founded at Arkansas State Teachers College (now the University of Central Arkansas) in 1925. The fraternity was a local fraternity on a campus that did not allow nationals fraternities.  When national fraternities were allowed in 1939 the members of Phi Lambda Chi chose to create their own national fraternity.  Our Founders organized Phi Lamb and dedicated it to bring the fraternal life to the students of regional and teaching colleges, who were often overlooked by the larger National fraternities of the day.   Today, Phi Lambda Chi still strives to bring the fraternal experience to students of all colleges and universities in the United States.

  • Is Phi Lambda Chi a small fraternity and why?

    • Phi Lambda Chi is considered by the NIC a small fraternity.  We are among 20 other fraternities with that distinction.  We have always dedicated ourselves to universities of a smaller student body and feel that we can best serve them and their interests by avoiding a larger number of chapters.  We also feel that the opportunity that a small fraternity offers its members greatly outweighs its detriments:

      • We can keep costs low by using volunteers as our national officers.

      • Members can play a greater role in deciding Phi Lambda Chi's leadership and policy.

      • Personal relationships with other chapter members and national leaders allow for real experience and knowledge to be shared freely among brothers.

  • Doesn’t a small fraternity lack the resource of a large fraternity?

    • It is true that larger national and international fraternities offer more scholarships, alumni, and personal resources.  However, these services come at the cost of high chapter fees and individual dues.  Phi Lambda Chi does not operate with that philosophy. We keep member and chapter costs low by using volunteers to help operate our fraternity. Also, the chapters and their alumni donate money for member scholarships.   The best resource a fraternity has is the people who give time and money back to that fraternity, and you will find that Phi Lamb has a large amount of that resource. 

  • Do fraternities like Phi Lamb haze its members?

    • Well before most national fraternities, Phi Lambda Chi abolished hazing in 1990 when adopted the Brotherhood Enrichment Manual for new member development.  Our membership development programs follow guidelines set forth by state laws, host institution rules, and our own fraternity by-laws.  In Phi Lamb, we emphasize education, socialization, and community development (both inside and outside the college) by having our members actively participate in activities and organizations that enhance their practical knowledge and bring positive accolades to them and their chapter.

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