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Join Phi Lambda Chi

Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity takes pride in our high quality of membership.  We seek men that are leaders on their campus and within their communities.  We strive to have members that participate in other organizations, are involved in a university-funded program (ie. Athletics, band, etc.), or take part in campus leadership positions (ie. Student Government Association, Freshmen Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, etc.).  We find that men that are invested within their higher education institutions are more successful and lead to better long term members of society.  Chapters of Phi Lambda Chi should be looking for men of high moral character, motivated to succeed, and work well in a team setting.


After men are initiated in the first order of Phi Lambda Chi we continue to hold brothers accountable to the following expectations of members;

  1. Make friendships.

  2. Promote a spirit of brotherhood.

  3. Learn the lesson of loyalty.

  4. Be gentlemanly.

  5. Banish selfish and snobbish tendencies.

  6. Seek academic excellence.

  7. Improve through social training.

  8. Meet financial obligations promptly.

  9. Promote sportsmanship.

  10. Be agreeable and democratic.

  11. Do your part and more.

  12. Observe the conventions of society in matters of etiquette.

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for membership into Phi Lambda Chi please complete the Interest Form and a representative from Phi Lambda Chi will contact you.  

Membership Interest Form

Thanks for sharing your interest in Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity!

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