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Start a Chapter 

If you plan to attend a four-year university that does not currently have a chapter of Phi Lambda Chi, you could contact us and have the opportunity to become a Founding Father of a new chapter!  Creating a chapter is a great experience, and Phi Lambda Chi National Representatives are focused to help you along the way.  For sustainable growth, we typically only take on two expansion projects at one time, so that the focus and growth of a colony into a chapter is thorough and attainable.  

 What does membership in Phi Lambda Chi offer its members and chapters?

  1. Affiliation with a national organization whose goal is to help its undergraduate members to maximize the collegiate experience.

  2. Direct contact with the leadership of Phi Lambda Chi National fraternity.

  3. Voting and legislative privileges at the yearly National convention where the chapter has a voice of national policy and leadership.

  4. A fraternal commitment to your school and university from Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity.

  5. Cutting Edge Programming in today’s college environment. 

  6. An advocate for your chapter interests with your university administration. 

  7. Resources and assistance from successful brothers, chapters, and alumni.

  8. A brotherhood that is focused on men of high quality and character.

We are looking for the following.

  • Local fraternities that have interest in pursuing membership from a national fraternity.

  • Brother or legacy of Phi Lambda Chi at a school that does not have a Phi Lambda Chi chapter.

  • A student at an institution where Phi Lambda Chi has an inactive charter.

  • Or someone that has a desire to create something on their campus that will create lasting memories and friendships.




If you are interested in bringing Phi Lambda Chi to your campus please complete the expansion interest form below, and a representative of Phi Lambda Chi will contact you.  


Expansion Interest

Thanks for sharing your interest in Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity!

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